Saturday, October 1, 2011

CHASING VILLAINS - Brand New Start (Demo 2010)

CHASING VILLAINS - Brand New Start (Demo 2010)

1. From The Outside
2. Brand New Start
3. From The Inside
4. Fear Into Rage

Here is the first Band from outside Indonesia that join in this page, they are a modern hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They bring the sounds like new era of Comeback Kid, Carpathian, Evergreen Terrace. For the demo, this is a good stuff with a good sound quality!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hold It Down


1. We Will Fight

They brings tuff sounds, try to re-build the hardcore scene in Sriwijaya
with all the limitations and support from you guys, and they are confident that they can get up again.

Tepi Lurus

TEPI LURUS - Optimis

1. Intro
2. My Time
3. Beat It Down
4. Looking Forward
5. Let's Fight
6. We Need To Make A Change
7. Optimis
8. In Our Hands (Battery Cover)

Another youth crew band from Raincity HxC, a new band with the old faces i though, lol :D

Diary Of School


1. Minority
2. Dominasi Minoritas
3. Alcohol
4. The End Of The Sun and The Shore
5. Barbarian
6. This Day Always Better Than Before
7. Realita Sekolah
8. The End Of The Sun and The Shore

I think they are the big fans of Blink 182 :) 7 pop punk songs first era of Blink 182. Catchy sounds for your new days!

Stay On

STAY ON - Start A New Life

1. Intro
2. Start A New Life
3. Untitled
4. Thinking Straight

Here come a new HxC/Punk band from Padang, West Sumatra. They brings Youth Crew Style, with shout out arounds, so just don't be shy to ask them play together in your town :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011



1. Intro
2. That's We Want
3. sXe
4. Melangkah ke Depan
5. Fighting
6. Respect

6 songs with Youth Crew Hardcore style from Flower City.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gun Blasting - South Side From The East


1. A Great Rage From A Plain Paper
2. A Shamed Luxury Life
3. Poor Living Is Not A Curse

3 songs southern rock hardcore touch from flowercity that gonna bleed your ears!

As Soon As Possible


1. Revive Crew
2. Stand Up and Fight

Here come from Bogor 5 kids who playing the sound such european hxc style with lil bit modern touchy.

Justice in Silence

Justice In Silence

1. Intro
2. Kejujuran
3. Pecundang
4. My Anger
5. Bersatu
6. This is Not Revenge
7. Hentikan
8. Dignity is Your Pride

An Hardcore Punk from Depok - west java, They bring the good sound and style, for know more this band contact them at

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



1. Jadi Zombie
2. Speedometer
3. Supply Adrenalin

A new band from raincity with the "old faces" with the taste like Seringai, Speedkill, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead. just wait and get their upcoming release soon! ;)

For Good Reason - EP

For Good Reason

1. For Good Reason
2. Change Your Mind
3. Positive Mind Positive Youth Positive Hardcore
4. Corner Street Crew
5. Straight Up Your Mind
6. I'm Proud To Be Straight Edge

Here's comes the old tracks of 88's style from Corner Street Crew, with a bunch of positive lyrics here. I think this tracks released around 2001/02 and few years after that i never heard about this band anymore. i heard rumors they're gonna strike again, eh?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Take It Back - Skate To The Street

Take It Back - Skate To The Street

1. Skate to the street
2. Fast music is my life
3. Still alone
4. bullshit poser hardcore
5. Top guys
6. Missing expectation
7. Me vs music
8. Skate trash destroy
9. Tv Set
10. What the Fuck
11. Fuck Yeh (Taste of Flesh)
12. Skate Of the day
13. Good dame songs
14. Skateboard to hell (circle flex)
15. Dear Friend vs damn honey
16. Skateboard
17. Emancipation
18. Fuck what they say
19. I hate anyone
20. No more

skate core to the max!hey it's their collection album, you can ask them for another released.

Battle For Freedom - Demo

Battle For Freedom - Demo
1. Friends
2. When We Are One

From Blitar City Hardcore heroes, they bring 88's hardcore touch with ray cappoo's vocal style on YOT.


1. Hentikan Perang
2. Alkoholik
3. D Beat Distortion
4. Kerja...Depresi

Here come a new stuff from Raincity Hardcore Punk, a new band - the old buddies ;) fast and raw music with social critical lyrics.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


1. Bogor City Hardcore
2. Hardcore Not Like You Said
3. Hilangkan Rasa Senioritas
4. Never Give Up
5. Pride To Be Myself
6. We Are Bloodstained


Here is the Warzone touch from raincity, playing 6 tracks and featuring of the vocalist of As Soon As Possible in one of their song.

Obsesif Kompulsif & Elasticdeath

Elasticdeath & Obsesif Kompulsif-split cd [2009]

01 - obsesif kompulsif - no name for this nation
02 - obsesif kompulsif - proyek produksi orang kuat
03 - obsesif kompulsif - travel gore everyday
04 - obsesif kompulsif - where is the unity (infest)
05 - obsesif kompulsif - industri senyuman mematikan
06 - obsesif kompulsif - serikat tak berserikat
07 - obsesif kompulsif - im in circle pit and you are totally shit
08 - obsesif kompulsif - sampah raksasa dipesta kelima
09 - obsesif kompulsif - where is your mathemathics
10 - obsesif kompulsif - not animal
11 - obsesif kompulsif - speechless mouth
12 - elasticdeath - the nature strikes back
13 - elasticdeath - society assholes
14 - elasticdeath - my hypocrisy doesn't work on holidays
15 - elasticdeath - the curse of the golden axe
16 - elasticdeath - what kinda monster we'll face today¿
17 - elasticdeath - the hero is dead
18 - elasticdeath - power violence song
19 - elasticdeath - streets of rage
20 - elasticdeath - shotaro ishinomori
21 - elasticdeath - where is jollibee (hoy pinoy)

Here is a totally sick split!! Indonesian vs Brazil powerviolence! 21 tracks with only 33 minutes with a bunch fast grinding style in every songs. btw, In the tracks 11 - Speechless Mouth, Obsesif Kompulsif trying to making a new stuff in the era of powerviolence hardcore with remixing their song, awesome!

Obsesif Kompulsif - The Taste Of Thrash

Obsesif Kompulsif - The Taste Of Thrash

1. Small Show Great Friends
2. The Old Man Winning
3. Luxuriant Stole My Friend
4. School Not Cruel
5. What Happen With Me
6. Evil Never Heard
7. Don't Blame My Genetic
8. Hanya Memuji Bukan Memuja
9. Harga Mati Untuk Tetap Hidup
10. Fake Human Unity
11. Cuma-cuma Belajar si Doel aja Jadi Insyinyur
12. See Thru Their Lies (Vitamin X)/Way It Was (Secret Seven)
13. Right or Wrong You Must Be Wrong
14. Pemberontakan Itu Mahal
15. Reaksioner Membabi Buta
16. Makan Sampe Kenyang
17. Hantam Hajar Sikat
18. I'm Fall In Love With You
19. Budi Kenal Rasanya Bentoel

19 tracks of powerviolence that gonna blow your ears up! remembering of a power violence band from Japan - Fuck On The Beach, this 19 tracks gonna be your nitemare. covering song from Vitamin X and Secret 7 with their own style.

Hate To Think - Speak Up Your Mind

Hate To Think
1. Bring Me Back
2. Honesty ( Youth Of Today cover song)

3. Song for....(you)

4. Speak Up Your Mind

4 new tracks that more heavy from their last demo, still playing 88's HxC style with the better vocal character i thought
, covering 1 song from the legend 88's Heros Youth Of Today - Honesty.

Friday, January 29, 2010


1. One Voice Crew

2. Strong To Stand

3. Wake Up

4. Agresi

5. A Thousand Fists Of Prayer

6. One Voice Crew (LIVE)

7. Wake Up!! (LIVE)

8. A Thousand Fists Of Prayers (LIVE)



Here come from Southern Jakarta Hardcore, with totally 8 tracks, including 3 recorded live. playing with the sound like tough HxC style like Hatebreed, Ryker's.

Roger A

Roger A
1. Memicu Agresi

2. Laju Kendali

085692044647 a/n regie

2 tracks of Rock N Roll touchy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revolt - Mosh! Mosh! Mosh! You Are Only Young Once (Unreleased )

Revolt - Mosh! Mosh! Mosh! You Are Only Young Once
(Unreleased )

01. Let Her In
02. When The Old Guy Wanna Be Adored
03. Start At Yourself Or The Words May Force You
04. Beautiful City Dead Scene
05. Kapasitas Diri
06. MachoshitDieFast!
07. Victim Of Fashion
08. Sekarang Dan Selamanya

Here's the 8 tracks from the unreleased album of revolt that was recorded in 2005, with some fast youthcrew touch with shout around. including 3 songs that joining for 4 ways split Java x Macha.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tolerance - Self Titled
1. We're All In This Together
2. Stand Up Let's Go
3. Spreading Liberty
4. Peace (Agnostic Front)
5. Macet
6. Lazy Bastards
7. Bad Days
8. Chaos (4 Skins)
9. Skinhead at The Stadium
10. Holiday
11. Warthog (Ramones)
12. Jennifer
13. Set It Straight
14. Sound Of Revolution (Warzone)
15. Johnny Boy
16. It's Wake Up Time
17. Crucified (Iron Cross)
18. Spirit Of '76

18 tracks full of the spirit of HC/Punk/Oi! that was released in the middle of 2009, including a bunch of sing a long songs for those who love HxC/Oi.


Sneakers - Demo 2009
1. Break Your Chain
2. Step To Free

With this kick ass demo they proved that the spirit of early 90's hardcore style still burns!

xFinal Answerx

xFinal Answerx - I Wanna Change For Somethings Right
1. Buktikan
2. I Wanna Change
3. Jangan Pernah Menyerah

4. Know Before The Die

5. Langkah Kita Benar

6. Tak Punya Prinsip

6 Tracks with maximum Straight Edge spirit!

My Secret Identity

My Secret Identity - Unreleased songs
1. Berita Kehilangan

2. Hujan Di Depan Terang

3. Lanjutkan Nanti

4. Lingkaran
5. Lucy

6. Sisi Terang Dunia Malam

7. Utara Kan Ke Selatan Jakarta

"Lucky me got this unreleased songs from them, its really nice indie Pop! lots of in accoustic version

My Secret Identity - EP

My Secret Identity - Self Titled Ep
1. Untitled
2. Menunggu Bintang
3. Sunday Noon Light Sun

4. 9 (Nine)

5. U.F.O

6. Flying High

"The Indie Pop Heroes from Raincity with 6 tracks songs that touch your heart straightly."

Milisi Digital Vol. 1

Milisi Digital Vol. 1
1.Medusa Terror – I Killed Pathetic Core With My Monsterbation Vengeance!

2.Noda Nada – Otak Pecah Usus Terburai

3.Electronical Destruction – Since A Damned Nightmare Chained Myself

4.PuttOgeela – Noiseee!

5.Rockettomat – Kematian Cinta

6.Individual Distortion – Musim Duren

7.Last Words Before I Die – Maximum Illusion-Mushroom’s Bad Trip

8.Kastrasis – Kapak Amuk O (Spoken Sutardji Calzoum Bachri)
9.Son Of A Bit – 40 Seconds Instant Fuyunghay

10.Bibir Merah Berdarah – Inoisenesia

11.Fortification – Cranial Corpse

12.Saving Private Gloria – I wanna Fuck Your Girl Friend

Here is the first compilation of Nintendocore/Cybergrind in Indonesia, with 12 tracks including kick ass bands from different cities in Indonesia.

Kompilasi Kota Hujan

Kompilasi Kota Hujan
1. Lovely New Guy - Langit Senja Kotaku
2. Shortish Glide - Sempur Gunung Batu
3. Turbo Blip - Kota Hujan
4. Bibir Merah Berdarah - Dan Hujan Pun Terkunci di Tengah Kujang
5. Miracle Potion - Angkutan Kota
6. All Artist - Disini Kotaku

The Chiptunes heroes from raincity made a compilation that tell many stories about their life in their own hometown.

Less Perfect

Less Perfect - Demo
1. Happy Ending
2. Things To Come


An awesome emo rock band from raincity that sounds like weezer, Ash, Copeland.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Raincoat - Cd Sampler 2K9
1. Pushed Aside

2. Fading Faces

3. Anchor Song

Early 90's Youthcrew stuff from J-town that full of power and spirit!